Shana found her way to the healing and culinary arts by way of an eighteen year career in the fast paced world of internet companies in the throws of hyper growth.  While it was much like having a front row seat to a Harvard Business School case study, she hungered for something more.  

For years, Shana had the idea she was destined for law school. This was until she realized she did not want to be a lawyer. Not entirely sure what the F she was going to do, her stepmom suggested she think about culinary school as she likes to cook and entertain.  So a major life decision was made on a whim, and she attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City.  NGI was the leading health supportive culinary arts program in the U.S.  They are currently moving the curriculum to I.C.E. (Institute of Culinary Education).

She holds two yoga teaching certifications, a 200 hour vinyasa and a 50 hour yin yoga and teaches Yin at Hot 8 Yoga Beverly Hills and Koreatown.  Combining all of this knowledge and life experience, Shana is on a mission to change the the relationship people have with their food by better understanding where it comes from and how it affects the body Shana is offering wellness guidance for people who want to take their health, wellbeing and life into their own hands.  She also teaches private yoga lessons.