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I’m a Life Coach, Wellness Guide, Holistic Chef and Yoga Instructor.  I help cultivate all facets of emotional and physical intelligence to help you thrive in all aspects of life-empowering you to navigate challenges and transitions through work, life, health and wellness in this ever-changing world.

Some people feel stuck, lost, or confused at some point and I used to be one of them. After working for many years at some of the top-ranked and fast paced tech companies, I lost my motivation to pursue my lucrative career in HR or attend law school, the latter had been my dream since I was 5. I was confused about what to do and felt directionless, not to mention my health was suffering due to stress, so I walked out of my job (I’ve done that 3x to be exact, a shining signal that wasn’t the life for me.)
I turned my attention to find my purpose, my passion and wtf I was going to do with my life.  I was desperately searching for my Why (If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about – Simon Sinek Find Your Why).  It was in 2009, that I landed at a health supportive culinary school, where I received an eye opening education. I was shocked and awed to learn that food is medicine, intricately connected to mood and overall wellbeing.  Also eye opening was what I’d been eating for the first 33 years of life wasn’t necessarily healthy.

I believe personal development is an investment in one’s self-the ultimate strategy for success in work, wellness and life.

I believe that how you take care of yourself plays an integral part of your overall performance and wellbeing.

This is why my approach is compassionately pragmatic. I enable you to go beyond perceived limitations and see past blind spots. I take you on a journey to Wellness A to Z.


Bachelors of Arts, History – Santa Clara University – Santa Clara, CA

Chef Training Program –  Natural Gourmet Institute – New York, NY

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification – RYT Science of Self – New York, NY

50 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification – Yin Yoga Hot 8 Yoga – Los Angeles, CA

Nutritious Life Certification – Nutritious Life Studio

TotalSDI Facilitator – Strengths Based Assessment