BananaDo bananas make you smile? Well, yes in fact they do. Or they should. And after reading this post, you may have a hankering for a banana to produce that smile. Not only do they look like a smile, but they contain tryptophan, the same protein that’s also found in turkey, that promotes relaxation. Or makes most people take a fat nap after eating it. When digested, it converts to seratonin, a feel good chemical in the brain. More seratonin equals more smiles. Sign me up!

They’re also starchy and contain fiber, which aids in digestive health and regulating blood sugar, which is really important to help balance out those adrenals (see previous adrenal health post for more info on that) and keep your gut health nice and regular.

Bananas have high vitamin and mineral content and are especially known for their potassium. Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure and kidney function (also see adrenal post as they work in tandem and need each other’s support). So, next time you want to smile or improve your mood, think you’ll grab a banana?

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