Herbal Tea For Travel

Herbal Teas (Travel)

Herbal Tea

I bring tea when I travel. Planes are super cold, so not only does tea keep you warm, it’s helpful in keeping the arteries and veins open, which means your blood will move. No clots! No DVT!

Also tea FTW because you’ll be drinking so much tea, you’ll be hydrated, which helps keep moisture inside and out. No one wants dry, dull, flaky skin or to get sick because bacteria gets trapped. AND you’ll be forced to get up out of your seat and go pee. It’s literally a little herbal miracle.

Teas that are on heavy rotation are Ginger, Ginger Turmeric, Chai, Nettle and Roasted Dandelion Root. They are all warming and really help aid in blood flow. But all tea is helpful. I generally bring caffeine free so I can sleep, and try and arrive refreshed (ha!).

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