Ingredient Spotlight: Strawberries

🍓The beautiful, flavorful berry is high in water content, making them very hydrating.
🍓They are also antioxidants, which makes them great for heart heath (and they look like little hearts♥️) and cancer fighting!
🍓The strawberry is a card carrying member of the Dirty Dozen, meaning there is a high possibility of pesticide residue, so imperative to buy them organic and local.
🍓They contain a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber helps digestion, aids in weight loss and a creator of prebiotics, which fosters good gut bacteria.
🍓Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, manganese, potassium.
🍓Seeds on the outside are actually little ovaries, and not seeds at all. What?!? WILD!
🍓🍓BONUS – The tops are part of the food and high in vitamin C, iron, calcium. So, use the tops. If I’m using strawberries in a smoothie, I throw in the entire strawberry, top included. Infuse water or vinegar or even use in pesto in addition to other herbs.

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